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Presence in the Thirty seventh of Middle East Electricity International Exhibition
7 January, 2012

The engineering company of Maeraj Tarh-e-yaran attended Middle East Electricity Exhibition in order to make it familiar with the global markets and introduce its products to the world.
Ms. SalimehTonekaboli, the Foreign Commercial Manager of the Maeraj company also stated, “this company's products with its proper design and high quality is capable to expand into territorial and global markets after its successful presence in the internal market and now it is time for being introduced and launched to the international markets”.
She further adds, "The variance of Iran’s weather demands that Maeraj Company designs their products based on the different conditional situation which at this point resulted in the complete satisfaction of customers. And now based on the similarity of the conditional situation of territorial countries with Iran, there is a great capability in this company for design and production based on the customer's conditions.”In the end, she announced the readiness of this company to produce any type of products based on special conditions by pointing out to the agility of the design and the capability of the engineering team.

Maeraj-The Company That Think Globally
21 December, 2011

MaerajTarh–e-yaran is a science-based company which benefited from its qualified and capable employees. The company was able to achieve the most of the state of the art technologies in the field of design and manufacturing high Voltage tester.
Engineer Shekarriz, the Managing Director of the MaerajTarhYaran states regarding the company’s activities and product manufacturing: “although our engineering and research team’s vision is based on a global vision and the production is based on the recent global standards, Our first step was based on localizing the science and production for internal consumption where we could attain salient success”.
He further adds, “Due to the high performance of our company products, it could receive high welcome and attract the attention of Electricity Industry.And since the Iran Electricity Industry has been updating itself with current global standards, MaerajCompany intends to expand its activities to outside Iran by entering into territorial markets.”It is to be emphasized that the Maeraj Company’s products are confirmed and approved by Iran's Electricity Industry Managers.

Tester Model HVDC 25/40A 400 the product with latest technology
28 October, 2011

Further to previous successes, the Maeraj Company has launched the Tester Model HDVC 25/40A 400 in order to produce high quality products based on global standards. This product in addition of obtaining relative test sheets from Energy Research Institute has the confirmation of usage from Tavanir Company. The new product which has been designed based on Iran’s territorial conditions and has unique capability and high maneuverability which could help the electricity distribution networks in easy operation and productivity. In the meantime, adding the special features is provided in accordance with the request for this product.