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About us

About us

Today, electricity energy and its sustainability plays a vital and important role in economic development. It is considered as a core activity in economic development process. On the other hand, almost all practitioners and scientists believe that running systems is relying on Technologic transformation and right management. Also, resolving Technologic problems is conditioned to wisdom and using modern tools and methods.

Our highly motivated experts in Maeraj for making step toward self-sufficiency have made efforts to design and construct much needed products, portable High Voltage Tester, in Iran.
After 5 years and half, we could finally send it to sale in domestic market.

Variables such as total price, providing services after sale, necessary guarantees and above all, electrical engineers explanations is one of the main factors that have made our tester, in competition with foreign products, most popular in the market.

It has to be mentioned that Maeraj has always a commitment to enhance quality of its products by keep studying on new technologies and do our best to fulfill it.